Packing Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Alaska Vacation

If you've been on a number of Caribbean cruises over the years, packing for your next excursion to this warm part of the globe will be easy. Flip-flops, a bathing suit, some tank tops, and sunglasses should all be on your packing list. When you decide to book an Alaska vacation package cruise, however, it's important that you don't take the same approach to packing. While there will certainly be some crossover items, the reality is that you're heading to an area with a dramatically different climate. [Read More]

3 Perks Of Traveling By Charter Bus

Charter buses are a fantastic way for tourists to travel. A charter bus offers an itinerary for your vacation, allowing you to see many more places than you'd likely visit on your own. Here are three perks you can experience when you choose to travel on a charter bus: 1. Stick with your group. Traveling with family and friends is a unique experience. Some people choose to hold their family reunions in distant locations for a change of pace. [Read More]

Two Situations In Which You Should Consider Having A Destination Wedding

If you have thought about having a destination wedding but don't know if you should take the plunge, and your circumstances are similar to those outlined here, you should definitely have this type of wedding. You both want a really small wedding but have big families If both you and the person you're marrying would love to have a small wedding with just a few guests, but you both have big families, as well as quite a few friends, then you might feel that choosing to have an intimate wedding that would not involve all of these people could cause offence and lead to lots of drama. [Read More]

How To Take A Summer Vacation

The COVID-19 crisis has stopped many travel plans for the time being. If you were planning to take a summer vacation, you may be wondering if that's still an option. Tourism supports the economy of many popular cities, which means traveling can be beneficial for everyone. Here are four tips that can help you take the summer vacation you've been dreaming of in a safe and responsible way: 1. Be flexible with your plans. [Read More]