How To Have A Great Time On A Bourbon Tour When You're Not A Regular Bourbon Drinker

Bourbon tours may sound like they are solely for bourbon drinkers. And if you are a bourbon drinker, then you will certainly love going on a bourbon tour. However, you can still enjoy these tours as someone who is not a regular bourbon drinker. They can be a great way to expand your palate, learn the basics about bourbon, and also learn how bourbon and distilling have impacted the culture of a region. Here are a few tips to help you get more out of a bourbon tour as someone who doesn't drink a lot of bourbon.

1. Opt for the guided tastings.

At many stops on the tour, you will be given a choice. You can taste the bourbons on your own, or you can go through a guided tasting. As a less-experienced bourbon drinker, you should definitely opt for the guided tasting. You will learn the best ways to taste bourbon, the proper way to swirl it in the glass, and how to sip it. You'll also learn how to notice different flavors in the bourbon. Go through a few different guided tastings — one at each stop — and you'll learn something new at each one.

2. Ask questions.

Don't be afraid to ask questions that you may initially think are silly! Ask your tour guide, or ask the person serving the bourbon. Your assumption may be that everyone else in the crowd drinks bourbon and already knows the answers to these questions, but this is unlikely to be true. There are almost certainly other less-experienced bourbon drinkers in the crowd who will be grateful that you asked your questions. You'll all learn from the answers.

3. Don't be afraid to spit.

As someone who does not drink bourbon too often, you may find some of the bourbons you taste too strong and overwhelming. When this happens, do not feel ashamed to spit it out. There will be spit buckets on the tasting table for you to use. It is not considered rude or strange to do this; even experienced bourbon drinkers do it from time to time. It's better to spit out what you don't like than to end up inebriated and unable to enjoy things you do like later on!

A bourbon tour can be a lot of fun even if you rarely drink bourbon. Opt for guided tastings, ask questions, and don't hesitate to spit. You'll have a great time!