Packing Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Alaska Vacation

If you've been on a number of Caribbean cruises over the years, packing for your next excursion to this warm part of the globe will be easy. Flip-flops, a bathing suit, some tank tops, and sunglasses should all be on your packing list. When you decide to book an Alaska vacation package cruise, however, it's important that you don't take the same approach to packing. While there will certainly be some crossover items, the reality is that you're heading to an area with a dramatically different climate. As such, you'll want to pack smartly so that you're always comfortable. Here are some suggestions.

Make Sure That You're Warm

Warm clothes are a necessity when you're heading on an Alaska vacation, but it's important to evaluate the average daily temperature during the time that you'll be there. It's easy to think of Alaska as a frigid location, but it has pleasant temperatures during the summer months. The city of Juneau, for example, averages a high of 64 degrees in July, but only 33 degrees in January. Knowing the daily average temperature for the time of your visit will help you to decide whether you need a heavy jacket and long underwear or just a light coat and some long-sleeved shirts.

Determine Your Day Trips

While it's okay to be spontaneous and book a day excursion once you're on your cruise ship, planning these details at the time that you book your vacation package is a good idea — in part because you'll know what you should pack. You don't want snow to interfere with your enjoyment of an excursion such as taking a ride in a dog sled. Check if your cruise line provides outerwear for day trips — if not, you'll definitely want to pack your own outwear that is weatherproof and warm. Even if the temperatures aren't excessively cold, being wet puts you at risk of being uncomfortable. Staying dry can go a long way toward improving your comfort and enjoyment.

Consider The On-Ship Amenities

Just because you're visiting Alaska when the conditions are cool and snow is likely doesn't mean that you should exclusively pack winter attire. Think about what amenities the ship has available to travelers. For example, while outdoor swimming pools are the norm on Caribbean ships, many Alaska cruise ships have indoor pools. Whether you enjoy swimming or simply envision yourself relaxing poolside with a drink, some typical summer clothing will be a good choice to add to your suitcase.

If you're currently looking into Alaska vacation packages, remember the above tips when it comes time to pack.