5 Reasons A Disney Trip Is Great For Older Kids

If you're thinking of planning a family getaway, but have both younger and older children, you may be wondering where to go. You want to make sure that all of your kids will be entertained so that everyone has fun and it's a good trip for all. A trip to a Disney park is a great idea for younger kids, older kids, and even adults. Keep reading to see why Disney Parks are a great place for older kids as well as young. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Plan A Trip With Your Language-Learning Class

Teaching a second language to adults means going slow and taking your time with the lessons. While beginner words and phrases will be easy, it can be difficult to grasp long sentences and different speech patterns. If you are teaching an intermediate class, they likely grasp the basics of the language but need to become a conversationalist in order to move up in their learning. If you want to help your class ramp up their learning, you should take a trip to a country where the language is widely spoken. [Read More]