Are You Planning a Visit to See Your Favorite Rock Formations? 4 Benefits of Working with a Monument Valley Guide

A visit to Monument Valley puts you in a beautiful landscape that has a rich history within the Navajo culture. For many people, this sprawling park offers the chance to see awe-inspiring rock formations while learning more about the unique stories of the people who lived and continue to live within the area. While you can technically access the Tribal Park by your personal car, you'll want to consider using a Monument Valley guide to enjoy benefits for your visit that turn it into an extra memorable experience.

Avoid Long Wait Times

Due to the devastating effects that COVID-19 had on indigenous communities within the area, the Navajo Nation closed the land for a period of time. Even before then, Monument Valley had a long line of cars waiting to drive the loop, but the waiting times are even longer now that it has opened up. Tour guides are provided with faster access to the park, which can open up more time for you to soak up the sights.

Get Off the Main Loop

To protect the delicate environment within the park, most visitors are only allowed to see the formations by driving on an approved road. While you'll still see many amazing things from the main loop, it is even better to get off the beaten path. Monument Valley tours allow you to see sights such as the Ear of the Wind that you won't be able to access as an unaccompanied visitor to the park.

Learn More About the Navajo Culture

Tour guides in Monument Valley do more than just shuttle you from one breathtaking rock formation to another. They'll also fill you in on all of the details that made past and modern Navajo life so interesting in the area. Your guide will teach you about the various landmarks you'll see, and they may even lead you in a singalong of traditional Navajo songs. By the time you finish your trip, you'll have a deeper appreciation of the Navajo culture that you can share as you recount the stories of your adventure to your friends and family.

Stay Safe On Your Adventure

For the most part, a visit to Monument Valley is safe, but you will be spending time in a desert landscape that is under the jurisdiction of Navajo Nation Laws and Policies. Before your tour, the guide will make sure that you understand all applicable policies that you need to follow such as the most recent masking guidelines, and when you need to be finished with your visit. They'll also keep an eye on the ever-changing weather to ensure that everyone in your group stays safe and hydrated throughout your adventure.

For additional information, contact a monument valley tour service such as Navajo Spirit Tours.