Two Situations In Which You Should Consider Having A Destination Wedding

If you have thought about having a destination wedding but don't know if you should take the plunge, and your circumstances are similar to those outlined here, you should definitely have this type of wedding.

You both want a really small wedding but have big families

If both you and the person you're marrying would love to have a small wedding with just a few guests, but you both have big families, as well as quite a few friends, then you might feel that choosing to have an intimate wedding that would not involve all of these people could cause offence and lead to lots of drama.

Having a destination wedding could be the answer to this conundrum. The reason for this is as follows; if you to have your wedding some far-flung place, you will probably find that quite a few of the people on your original guest list will decline your invitation, because, for example, they're afraid of flying, find travelling too expensive, or don't want to use up their job's vacation days on going to your wedding.

This could be a blessing in disguise, as the distant relatives with whom you are not very close, but who would still be offended if they were not invited to your wedding, will have the satisfaction of knowing they were asked to come, without actually having to do so. This will pare down the guest list and mean that only the people with whom you share a special bond, who genuinely want to be present whilst you get married and are prepared to travel in order to do this, will attend your wedding.

To have your nuptials take place in a vacation spot where you had one of your most romantic moments

Many couples find that their most romantic moments together take place whilst they're on vacation. This is usually because when people are on a trip, they're not fretting about housework, feeling irritated by their annoying boss, or dealing with the countless other mundane issues that tend to drain the romance out of everyday life.

If you and your girlfriend or boyfriend shared a particularly romantic moment together whilst travelling, then having a destination wedding in the area (or even the exact spot) where that moment occurred could be really wonderful. For example, if you had your first kiss under an orange tree in Seville, said 'I love you' to one another for the first time on a beach in Bali, or if one of you proposed to the other by a lake in Italy, then you might want to use that area as the location for your wedding. Your wedding ceremony will feel all the more moving and beautiful if you have it in a place like this.