Are You Planning Christmas Activities?

Although it may be a bit sad to say goodbye to summer and the events that accompany it, you can now look forward to fall and the holidays ahead. Since Thanksgiving is a short holiday focused on feasting on traditional foods with friends and family members, it's probably easy for you to plan that fun time of the year. However, since the Christmas season lasts longer, you may already be planning activities to fill the days that kids are out of school. You might even be planning to entertain out-of-town guests during the winter holidays. From arranging a charter bus rental to planning at-home activities, here are some ideas that might help you plan activities for a truly memorable Christmas holiday.

Charter Bus Rentals - Have you considered joining others on a chartered bus as you go to look at Christmas decorations and even to open houses in your city and surrounding towns? Of course, you could drive your car to do that, but taking a charter bus instead means that you will have an experienced driver who can take you to specific areas you might not even know about. And, consider the fact that taking a charter bus means that you won't have to deal with parking issues when you arrive at your different destinations. Your charter bus will have comfortable seats and will be heated and ready for you when you return to it after seeing the sights. Visit a rental service like Barrington Transportation Co to learn more. 

At-home Activities - Of course, it will probably be a lot of fun to go on the charter bus, but you might also be looking for unique activities to do right in the comfort of your own home. Think of keeping up with some of your traditions, while also adding new activities to your Christmas holidays. For example, have a day or an evening where you set up things like jigsaw puzzles, board games, or a craft table. Think of creating a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt where you give participants a list of things to look for in a certain part of your house. The list could include things like a Christmas angel, a gingerbread man, a sleigh, a penguin or other items that you have used for Christmas decorations. Instead of serving Christmas treats at the end of the activity, consider having everybody make his or her own decorated house using graham crackers, icing, and colorful candies.