Insist On These Details When Choosing Charter Buses For A Music Festival

If you run a large music festival with several out-of-town artists, transportation is a need that you'll have to consider. Commonly, music festivals will rely on charter bus companies to provide vehicles that will transport the artists between the venue and a local hotel. These buses may take a number of trips daily, running artists to and from the two locations based on the times that they hit the stage. You'll want to partner with a reputable charter bus company that offers clean, modern buses and drivers who are professional and skilled at sticking to a set schedule. Here are some other details that you should insist upon.

Alcohol Permitted On Board

Some charter bus companies allow passengers to consume alcohol on their buses, while others do not. In your situation, it's better to choose a company that permits the consumption of alcohol. Many music artists enjoy a drink after performing, and you don't want to run into a situation in which an artist can't take a drink onto the bus for the ride back to his or her hotel. This is a situation that will frustrate the artists and may hurt the reputation of your festival.

Climate-Controlled Buses

Charter buses normally have air conditioning to keep the bus passengers comfortable, but it doesn't hurt to physically check a few charter bus companies and assess the strength of the A/C yourself. If your music festival takes place in the summer, as is often the case, it's possible that the temperature will be extremely hot. Given that you want to pamper your artists, you want them to be able to climb onto a cool and low-humidity bus for the ride back to the hotel after a hot and sweaty performance.

Multiple Tech-Friendly Features

After a performance, many artists will want to use their smartphones or tablets to check messages and perform other functions, so it's important for your charter buses to be equipped with a variety of tech-friendly features. For example, lots of charter buses are equipped with Wi-Fi that the passengers can use to browse the internet.

You'll also find that more and more buses today have USB ports for charging devices, which can be handy for your music festival. By choosing a charter bus company that has vehicles with these details, you'll be taking considerable steps to keep your artists happy — and that means that some of them may choose to return to perform next year.

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